Tuesday, March 30, 2010

311st, 312nd, 313rd paper cranes


Place: inside bus to Gikadai (Campus)

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: Paper cranes are going home. Today I go to Nagoya to visit my new friends. They all are a mother and really good person. Its make me think about what I’ve done this morning.

I think I was a good person, but actually, I’m not [yet]. This morning I really have done bad things. I’ve just angry and getting hurt by myself. I waste money, my own effort, and the worst is, I “force” someone to do what he/she didn’t want to. I hate myself when I can’t take control of my mind and emotion. Now I feel sorry, I hope that person will forgive me truthfully.

Monday, March 29, 2010

309th, 310th paper cranes


Place: Toyota Museum

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper cranes with i-unit. Today I have company visit tour to MEGMILK and TOYOTA. We visit the plant and museum. It`s very interesting. I love daily product and MEGMILK produce it. And in Toyota, I feel like traveling to future. So many new things that I learn today. Thank you ^^

306th, 307th, 308th paper cranes


Place: Ping-pong Hall, Kaikan

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper cranes in farewell party. This is one of event that can unite all Indonesian in Toyohashi.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

305th paper crane


Place: Mukayama Park

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper crane with sakura tree. Today I travel around the neighborhood using bicycle. Main goal is to find present for tomorrow farewell party. Before we went home, we passed by a park and very lucky to find that the sakura already blooms. ^^

Friday, March 26, 2010

303rd, 304th paper cranes

303rd, 304th paper cranes

Place: Okazaki Train Station

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper cranes with ikebana in train station. I saw sakura tree along a river in Okazaki. It`s beautiful but the night wind was so cold. Hope the spring temperature will rise soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

301st, 302nd paper cranes

Place: Ueno Park, Tokyo

Paper: mini flyer from Akihabara

Story: paper cranes with last destination on our one day trip. Road trip from Toyohashi to Chiba and Tokyo. And now I in my way back to Toyohashi. A new experient ^^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

299th, 300th paper cranes


Place: Toilet in building C

Paper: waste paper

Story: Happy 300th paper crane \(^,^)/
I think I have to make revision on my previous post. Now, this is the best toilet in TUT. The points are:
1. full equipment; nozzle, auto flush, sensor, energy saving, change place, etc.
2. specious
3. near to the lab, I don't have to cross the building and looks suspicious [takes a long time just to go to toilet]
4. it's-all-mine, you know that in the world of electrical engineering or computer sciences, girls are rare species.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

298th paper crane


Place: my room

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper crane with flowers. I have fluctuation on my mood in couple of days. Sorry to all my friends who got bad aura from me. Flower and Friends really help my mood. Thank you ^^

Monday, March 22, 2010

297th paper crane


Place: Saizeria

Paper: tissue

Story: paper crane with paper crane made by Mr. Niki. I do better, right?! This is the farewell party for Mr. Sutikno, Mr. Yuli, Iraf, and Evan. Hope we will meet again, soon. Have I nice travel back home.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

295th, 296th paper cranes


Place: Kaikan Lobby

Paper: paper craft with Nagoya Castle Stamp

Story: paper cranes back at home. After 3 days in Nagoya, I finally back home to Toyohashi. I learn lots of things and have fun. I wish there`s always good things happen to Minamiyama family. Thank you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

293rd,294th paper cranes

Place: Sunshin, Cafe Gallery, Gakiso, Nagoya

Paper: red paper craft

Story: paper cranes with sweets. Today, I have dates with Yuki-kun ^^ My menu is coffe, eclair, and cream puff. His menu is mango juice with milk creep cake.

Friday, March 19, 2010

288th to 292nd paper cranes

Place: Nagoya

Paper: different color of paper craft

Story: paper cranes with host family. I joint homestay program in Nagoya. This is Mrs. Minamiyama and her son. Today I teach her son how to make paper crane,so I made crane more than ussual. Nice to meet new peoples.


Donut with strawberry cream and coffee. It's wakes me up. Great spirit to start a day.〓

Thursday, March 18, 2010

286th, 287th paper cranes


Place: my new desk in lab.

Paper: donut wrapper from mister donut

Story: paper cranes with my ngabuburit items. Ngabuburit is Sundanese word that describes waiting activities near ending of fasting/puasa/sawm. It contains with light and fun activities so you don't realize that opening time is come, it's makes fasting not so hard. I got cute book about Yoga (in Japanese) so I can practice Yoga and Japanese at the same time. And Bang Odi (Bang is like Mr. or -san in Japanese) brought me donuts for opening my fasting.

Yesterday, we rearrange the desk, and I ask to have seat near to window and they gave it to me. Spring will come and I like morning light. Thanks to Mr. Matsuoka who gave his place to me.

PS: maybe I have to start make a photo in the daylight. I don't get enough light but I hate using flash. So, let's start it tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

285th paper crane


Place: Oogi-ya Sushi

Paper: yellow paper craft

Story: paper crane in farewell party for master students. Before, someone said that he was worried to send me to Japan. In this party, I realize that I’ve been blessed with good places and nice peoples. All of my life, where ever I go, I’ve been live surround by nice peoples and friends. Alhamdulillah……

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

283rd, 284th paper cranes


Place: my room

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: paper cranes with Yukata from Kyoto. I hope Amy will be happy ^^

Monday, March 15, 2010

278th to 282nd paper cranes

Sorry, I`ve been busy lately being traveler, not as a researcher ^^

278th paper crane
- paper crane with overnight-stay-set; towel, yukata, bath-set, etc. We stay in hotel along Kawaguchi lake, the biggest one of Fuji Mountain Lake. I love the place, it`s Japanese style room with Fuji Mountain view. I wish I can stay longer. 2010.03.11 -

279th paper crane
- paper crane with I-can`t-even-read sign. Someone read it for me, please?! Or should I give some quiz here?? This is the 2nd day trip around Fuji Mountain. To bad it over soon. 2010.03.12 -

280th, 281st paper cranes
- paper cranes on Love-Fortune-Telling Stone in Kiyomizu Tample, Kyoto. I visit it on white-day (quit big event in Japan) so there`s lots of couples come. 2010.03.14 -

282nd paper crane
- mini paper crane with iron collections; kanji cellphone strap and double-layers ring.

The kanji letter can be read as Akari, my name in laboratory. It`s mean bright (light). You can found that letter in Ashita [tomorrow] , it`s show that we can have believes in bright future.

It`s almost 3 months since last time I wear this ring. Since then, I lose almost weight 3 kg and when I try wear it again, it become loosely. I used to wear it in my middle finger, but now it even not fit into my thumb. I want to shrink the ring >,<>

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

276th, 277th paper cranes


Place: cafetaria

Paper: cerry flyer for mother day

Story: paper cranes with present from Nancy who just came back from trip to Hiroshima. She said that it`s hard to find snack that use save ingredient for Moslem. Thank you very much for taking so much care ^^

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

274th, 275th paper cranes


Place: Mr. Odi's car

Paper: purple and pink paper craft

Story: paper cranes with rubik cube belong to Evan. Game that not suitable for me. To complicated and high patient demand. Maybe I not good on using my brain ^^

Monday, March 8, 2010

266th to 273rd paper cranes

266th and 267th paper cranes
- paper cranes in Mosque in Tokyo. 2010.03.06 -

268th and 269th paper cranes
- paper cranes with night view of Tokyo from Tokyo Tower. 2010.03.06 -

270th and 271st paper cranes
- paper cranes on local train from Yokohama, going back home to Toyohashi. 2010.03.07 -

272nd and 273rd paper cranes
- paper cranes in front of round mirror with Turkey ornament -

Friday, March 5, 2010

264th, 265th paper cranes


Place: Toyohashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry 9F

Paper: flyer from TUT

Story: paper cranes with buffet food on International Party from TUT

Thursday, March 4, 2010

261st, 262nd, 263rd paper cranes


Place: Ping Pong Hall, Kaikan

Paper: green paper craft

Story: paper cranes "made in Indonesia". That red notebook was made in Indonesia. So that's why we losses our forest? To make some notebook?

The left side of the picture is the part of our costume for tomorrow performance on International Buffet Party. Let's hope everything will go as planed ^^

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

259th, 260th paper cranes


Place: Hibari-sho

Paper: phone memo

Story: Paper cranes with neck tie on the tree. When I walking home to the dorm, I found somebody leaves his tie on the tree. Weird??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

257th, 258th paper cranes


Place: Common Room

Paper: music score of Ooki na furudokei

Story: paper cranes with Angklung. I messed up the practice. Hiks…

Monday, March 1, 2010

255th, 256th paper cranes


Place: My Room

Paper: Japanese traditional pattern paper craft

Story: Paper cranes with Japanese cake. I will describe it a bit so you can feel your saliva drowning your mouth. Kekekekek..... It`s thin layer of very soft sponge cake with thick layer of light sweet cream. When you take a bite, you immediately reach the cream part and fulfill your entire mouth with soft sweet sensation. Hmm… yummy… (^,^)